Python Programming Language is one of the Dynamic Programming Languages to build and develop Dynamic Web Applications. When it comes to the modern web development environments, Python is an effective competitor. Python simplifies the way that developers do the coding as it is easy to learn and powerful dynamic programming language. It supports third-party packages to extend the capabilities of the programming language. Moreover, Python is an open source and it is cost effective in Web Projects. Numerous Web Application Development Companies pay higher salary packages to the employees who work on Python Platform.


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You will learn

  1. Basics of Python Programming Language.
  2. To know how the Interpreter works in Python Platform.
  3. Basic building blocks of Python Programming.
  4. Data Structures and modules.
  5. Working with files.
  6. Errors and Exceptions.
  7. Object Oriented Techniques.
  8. Dynamic Web Development from scratch.

and more.

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